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L.A. Colors Expressions Bronzers and Blushes

$2.50 $7.00

Enhance your natural beauty with gorgeous shades of bronzer and blushes! Bronzer gives that sun-kissed warm glow, while blushes offer that just-been-kissed radiant color. Both offer a natural, long-wearing finish with a silky-soft application and come with a double-ended applicator brush. Their  convenient sizes tuck easily in small clutches, cosmetic organizers, and make-up bags, plus they’re ideal for women’s shelters, building care packages, spas, salons, and more. L.A. Colors® Expressions products available in Bronze bronzer, Baked Bronzer, Toast, Sweet Cheeks, Peach Rose, Spice, Pink Blush, and Berry Plum blushes.

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